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Looking Into The Windows of Heaven is a book that takes it's reader behind the physical world and gives a peek into the Spirit World through my eyes as a Psychic Medium. Why do we live a life? What is involved in planning a life? What happens if we commit suicide in our lifetime? Where is Heaven? I will answer some of the difficult questions that people tend to live with after the loss of a loved one. Enjoy your Healing Journey through this book.
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Heaven is within Us
Heaven is within Us helps to find Faith that you didn't know you needed within your soul. This book includes an amazing chapter of filled with stories of some of the readings that I've done over the last few years for people all over the world.
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Looking into the Windows of Heaven  
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Heaven's Voice is Within Your Soul


Is there life after death? Can my loved ones hear me? Are they watching over me? It is only human to ask these questions. As a Psychic Medium, it is my life's mission to answer these questions with validations, evidential information, and beautiful messages from your loved ones in Heaven.
“Let your light shine so brightly, that others can see their way out of the dark”
Messages from Heaven

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Please DO NOT include any additional information about your loved ones when corresponding with me. It prevents me from giving you the validation you are seeking and can actually inhibit the process of our reading.
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