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My name is Fara Gibson. I was born with an amazing ability given to me by God. I have the ability to connect people here in the physical world with their loved ones that have passed on to Heaven. You see, I said that I was born with an ability because the gift lies in the messages that I get to give to people like you. When I was a little girl I always knew that I was a little different from all of the other kids. I could see things the other kids didn’t see, hear things the other kids couldn’t hear and I felt things that I couldn’t explain. In my teens, I discovered that it wasn’t that I was different, I was blessed. I am clairaudient (I hear spirit), clairsentient (I feel spirit) and I am also clairvoyant (I see spirit and the symbols they give me). I have shared messages of healing and assurance that our loved ones are with us and watching over us from Heaven since I was a young girl. I also offer Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance as well as readings with messages from your loved ones.

Thank you to each and every one of you for joining me on this amazing journey. Thank you for sharing your families with me and allowing me to connect you with your loved ones in Heaven. I truly love each and every reading that I do.

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